Wednesday, 22 April 2015

So the Compton Blog is finally up and running!

Today, we met to plan all the exciting computing activities for this term. Using what we learned in our trip to the Future Classroom in Brussels, as well as out own experimentation, we have planned an exciting term for the children.

We will be using a wide range of Google tools to create innovative and collaborative multimedia projects about our local area. We have looked closely at the SAMR model for classroom innovation and have created activities that Modify and Redefine our teaching.

Over the next few weeks, we will be teaching the children to use Google Maps, screenshots, screencasting and My Maps to explore their local area, alongside our trips to see the facilities and amenities. They will take photographs and upload them to Panoramio, where their work can bee seen by a global audience, and share their projects with children from another school. They will also work collaboratively with Realtime Whiteboard to share information about our local area.

We are feeling enthused and keen to share these projects with the children and our colleagues, and look forward to updating you about how the project develops.

Signing out,
The Compton Blogger!

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